LQ-5000 Economical Type Printing Blanket for Offset Printing

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LQ Wing 5000 Type Printing Blanket is developed for sheetfed offset press 15000 sheets per hour.Moderate compressibility avoids moving image of machine and reduces the edge marking. Wide-ranging print. Prefer to carton print and full mold print.

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Colour Blue
Thickness 1.97/1.70±0.02mm(4/3ply)
Compressible layer Microspheres
Surface Micro- ground and polished
Roughness 0.80 – 1.0μm
Hardness 76-80 shore A
Elongation ≤1.0%
Tensile strength ≥85



Blanket On Machine

Blanket On Machine

Blanket storage environment requirements

1. The blanket shall be stored in a cool and dry environment, away from the heat source and direct sunlight to prevent aging and desulfurization. In order to ensure good air circulation, each blanket should be hung on the carrying pole. If the warehouse is narrow, put the rubber cloth flat and don't press heavy objects on it. It's best not to roll the rubber cloth into a barrel when it is stored.

2. Open the packaging of the blanket, remove the protective cover, and carefully check whether the blanket is damaged. It is not advisable to install the new blanket directly on the machine. Since the blanket is rolled into a barrel for packaging, it should be placed flat for a period of time to gradually restore its flatness before it can be used on the machine.

3. If there are many pieces of blanket stacked, the blanket should be stacked face-to-face or back-to-back, otherwise the fiber lines on the back of the blanket will affect the flatness of the surface of another blanket.

4. Do not squeeze the blanket to avoid breaking the blanket or damaging its elasticity. The blanket is afraid of light, heat and humid air, which will cause sticking, peeling, dry cracking, hardening and other defects on the surface of the blanket.

5. The warehouse where the rubber blanket is stored shall be ventilated and dry, with relative humidity of about 70% and temperature of about 24 ℃. The rubber blanket shall not be exposed to acid and alkali, oxidant and petrochemical products to avoid the erosion of chemicals on the rubber blanket.

Warehouse and package

Warehouse and package
Warehouse and package

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