LQ-VA Water based varnish for oiling all kinds of paper

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This product is a waterborne solid acrylic resin, after the synthesis process of pure water acrylic emulsion mixture; In particular, the color box varnish designed for paper printing has the characteristics of high gloss, smoothness, no adhesion, wear resistance, fast drying, low volatile smell (a little ammonia smell). It has good printing applicability for all kinds of paper, ideal coating effect on high-speed printing press, no moire and flower phenomenon, and is suitable for oiling all kinds of paper.

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It has good glossiness, high wettability, good leveling, wet adhesion resistance, fast drying speed, good printing suitability, and can be used online and offline


Please fully mix before use, pay attention to heat and antifreeze during storage and transportation, and pay attention to sealing and storage if it cannot be used up at one time after opening; Please clean the production equipment in time after use. Remember not to leave it idle for a long time! The water oil added with alcohol or isopropanol shall be used in time, otherwise it will stink.

Packing: 20kg or 50kg


1. High transparency, good gloss, no effect on the color of the printed matter, and the printed matter is bright. Under the long-term strong sunlight, the water-based varnish is not easy to turn yellow.

2. It has strong wear resistance and scratch resistance. The surface of the printed object is wear-resistant, non fading, water repellent and oil repellent. It is deeply welcomed and trusted by users, especially the cigarette case. In the high-speed operation of 300-500 packets / min, the cigarette label has to bear a great mechanical load. Therefore, the printed matter not only needs polishing, but also has strong wear resistance. The water-based polishing oil can not only fully meet this requirement, No matter whether it's a gravure or an offset.

3. The conjunctiva is fast and dry rapidly. The water-based polishing oil is applied on Heidelberg CD five color continuous polishing offset press. The printing speed is 13000 sheets / hour and the infrared drying power is 5.4kw × 5 pieces × Two groups were completely dried at 65 ℃, and satisfactory application results were obtained.

4. The use, transportation and storage are convenient and safe. The water-based polishing oil is conducive to safe production and improving the working conditions of employees. As solvent based varnish belongs to the category of dangerous goods, it is inconvenient to transport, store and use. While water-based varnish takes water as the solvent, there is no danger, and the use is safe and reliable. After polishing, the printing roller, machine and liquid tank can be directly washed with clean water to keep the machine and workshop site clean and clean without polluting the environment.

5. It is non-toxic and tasteless. The aqueous polishing oil takes water as the solvent and only a small amount of volatile edible ethanol as the auxiliary solvent. Therefore, it is especially suitable for food, medicine and tobacco packaging. Tobacco is a plant that is easy to absorb flavor. The application of water-based varnish can fundamentally eliminate the possibility of cross flavor.

6. High temperature resistance and good heat sealing performance. At present, PP film is widely used as the outer packaging of cigarette packs. Water based varnish has good heat sealing performance. Even if cellophane is used, good heat sealing effect can be obtained.

7. With good flatness and strong roll resistance, one of the most difficult problems in gravure printing is that after continuous drying of several color groups, the moisture content of the paper is very low, which is especially easy to curl, so it can not be used. After using water-based polishing oil to polish the flexible packaging, the product is cut into large sheets, then bronzed and cut, and still maintains good flatness and roll resistance, which provides a new way for offset printing to gravure printing, especially for cigarette labels that need bronzing to gravure printing.

8. The price is reasonable.

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