LQ-VB Varnishing blanket for Offset Printing

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LQ Varnishing blanket is appropriate to varnishing package printing. It is easy for cutting and stripping.

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Construction Plies fabrics
Type Microsphere
Surface Micro-ground
Roughness 0.90– 1,00 μm
Hardness 78 - 80 shore A
Elongation ≤ 1.2 % at 500 N/5cm
Compressibility 12-18
Colour Blue
Thickness 1.96mm/1.70mm
Thickness tolerance +/- 0,02mm



Blanket On Machine

Blanket On Machine

Precautions during usage

1. As the blanket has the hot spots of light aging and thermal aging, the blanket to be used after purchase shall be wrapped in black paper and stored in a cool place.

2. When cleaning the rubber blanket, the organic solvent with fast volatility should be selected as the detergent, while the kerosene or its local solvent with slow volatility can easily swell the rubber blanket. When washing, the rubber blanket should be cleaned and wiped dry without leaving any residue. On the one hand, the residue is easy to oxidize and dry up, so that the rubber blanket will age in advance. On the other hand, when printing other products at the residue, the ink color is easy to be uneven at the beginning.

LQ Varnishing blanket for Offset Printing

Warehouse and package

Warehouse and package
Warehouse and package

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