LQ-VA UV Varnish for different types of paper

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This product a UV light sensitive resin with epoxy acrylic resin as the main body. It contains a little organic solvent. It is evenly coated on the surface or local area of the printed matter. After UV irradiation, it is transformed from liquid to solid to stable state, so as to achieve surface hardening. It can play the role of scratch and scratch resistance, and the surface looks beautiful and round; It has the characteristics of non fading, increased wear resistance, fast drying speed and good flexibility. It has good adaptability to different types of paper and good adhesion to paper.

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Moderate gloss, fast drying, slight smell, high wear resistance, widely used in polishing orders with wear resistance requirements. Packing: 20kg or 50kg


In foreign countries, the gloss processing of books, magazines, covers, tape covers and other printed materials has been widely used, and UV polishing is widely used for the gloss processing of the covers of books, magazines and magazines.

UV glazing is rising rapidly and has the potential to replace plastic coating and solvent glazing in many products, which mainly depends on its own characteristics as follows:

1. Therefore, the UV pollution of the working environment is reduced, and the UV pollution of the working environment is almost reduced;

2. UV varnish does not contain solvent and does not need heat energy during curing. The energy consumption required for curing is only about 20% of that of infrared curing ink and infrared curing varnish. In addition, this varnish has strong affinity for ink and firm adhesion. Under the irradiation of 80-120w / cm ultraviolet lamp, the curing speed can reach 100-300m / min;

3. The color of the printed matter treated by UV glazing process is obviously brighter than that of other processing methods, and the cured coating is wear-resistant, more drug-resistant and chemical resistant, with good stability, and can be scrubbed with water and ethanol;

4. UV varnish has high effective components and less volatilization, so the dosage is saved. Generally, the coating amount of varnish on coated paper is only about 4G / m2, and the cost is about 60% of the coating cost;

5. It can avoid the common defects of plastic coating process, such as edge warping, blistering, wrinkling and delamination. UV glazing products do not adhere, and can be stacked after curing, which is conducive to post-processing operations such as binding;

6. Can be recycled. It solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by the non recycling of plastic composite paper base.

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