LQ-WASH UV Blanket and roller wash

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LQ UV Blanket and roller wash suitable for all kinds of offset printing UV ink

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1.This product has strong cleaning ink function, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, safe to store.

2.No adverse effects and damage to the ink roller and PS plate


Advantage comparison

Environment protection

Kerosene contains aromatic hydrocarbons and other impurities, which are toxic to human body. Moreover, the smell of kerosene is strong. The whole workshop may have the smell of kerosene, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Environmentally friendly car wash water does not contain aromatic hydrocarbons and has no smell. It is very friendly to human body and the environment.


The traditional car washing water is washed with kerosene, mainly because the cost of kerosene is low. With the rise of prices, the price of kerosene and other oil products is also higher and higher. As a car washing water, kerosene has a lower price advantage. Although the cost of the stock solution of environmental protection car washing water is higher than that of kerosene, it can be mixed with up to five times of water. In this way, the cost is obviously superior to kerosene. Moreover, after being mixed with five times of water, the cleaning power is still equivalent to kerosene.


The flash point of kerosene is very low, about - 20 degrees, and it is very easy to catch fire. The flash point of environment-friendly car washing water is more than 50 degrees. After mixing with water, it will not catch fire and is safer. The flash point of Maoming sulfonated kerosene is above 80 degrees, which is non flammable and improves safety!

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