LQ-FS Thermosetting / Commercial rotary fountain solution

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The fountain solution is maintain a good dampening apply to Commercial rotary high speed printing press.

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1. At high speed printing can keep the fountain plate stability, Quickly start.strong buffer system.

2. It can reduce or even no need to add alcohol.strong buffer.contain high efficiency preservative.

3. Can inhibit the growth and propagation of algae, bacteria and fungi in the wetting water system.

4. Has a larger printing tolerance, can keep the stab山ty of the printing effect

5. Small amount of water, fast cleaning plate, keep water glue clean, inhibit the tendency of emulsification Recommended.

6. Dosage:4-5%  Package:25kg/drum

Dosage control

Two principles: first, the pH value should not be too high. Because the acidity is weak, the hydrophilic adhesive layer is not easy to generate, the surface tension of the fountain solution will drop sharply, and the ink water content will become higher, resulting in problems such as ink emulsification and serious dot expansion; At the same time, the ability of fountain solution to clean printing plates will also decline. Second, the pH value should not be too low, otherwise it will affect the oxidation and drying speed of the ink itself, aggravate the infringement on the printing plate, corrode the sand mesh in the blank part and the photosensitive materials in the graphic part, reduce the printing resistance of the printing plate, and may damage the surface coating of alkaline paper. Practice has proved that for PS plate, the pH value range of fountain solution that best meets the requirements of printing technology is 4.8 ~ 5.5

The nature of paper has a great influence on the correct use of fountain solution. The pH value of paper is neutral, but in fact, due to different papermaking processes, the acidity and alkalinity of different papers are also different. Generally speaking, the pH value of offset paper and other non coating paper is 4.5 ~ 7.0, which is weakly acidic; The pH value of coated paper is 7.0-9.0, which is weakly alkaline. The printer can adjust the fountain solution according to the nature of the actual paper. When the paper is acidic, the pH value of fountain solution can be larger, and when the paper is alkaline, the pH value of fountain solution can be smaller. The water content of paper is large, and the amount of fountain solution is small; The water content of the paper is small, and the amount of fountain solution is larger. If the surface strength of the paper is low, that is, the resistance to powder and wool falling is weak, the paper powder and wool are easy to accumulate on the blanket, causing a variety of problems. At this time, if the amount of rubber solution and rubber cloth is large, the cleaning time on the leather paper can be greatly reduced.

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