LQ-INK Pre-printed Ink of Flexo Printing Water Based Ink

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LQ Pre-Printed Ink is appropriate to light coated paper, recoated paper, kraft paper.

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1. Environmental protection: because flexographic plates are not resistant to benzene, esters, ketones and other organic solvents, at present, flexographic water-based ink, alcohol-soluble ink and UV ink do not contain the above toxic solvents and heavy metals, so they are environmentally friendly green and safe inks.

2. Fast drying: due to the fast drying of flexographic ink, it can meet the needs of non absorbent material printing and high-speed printing.

3. Low viscosity: flexographic ink belongs to low viscosity ink with good fluidity, which enables the flexographic machine to adopt a very simple anilox stick ink transfer system and has good ink transfer performance.


Color Basic color (CMYK) and spot color (according to the color card)
Viscosity 10-25 seconds/Cai En 4# cup (25℃)
PH value 8.5-9.0  
Coloring power 100%±2%
Product appearance Colored viscous liquid
Product composition Environmentally friendly water-based acrylic resin, organic pigments, water and additives.
Product package 5KG/drum, 10KG/drum, 20KG/drum, 50KG/drum, 120KG/drum, 200KG/drum.
Safety features Non-flammable, non-explosive, low odor, no harm to the human body.

Environmental protection and safety features

No environmental pollution

VOC (volatile organic gas) is recognized as one of the main pollution sources of global air pollution. Solvent based inks will emit a large amount of low concentration VOC. Because water-based inks use water as the dissolution carrier, they almost will not emit volatile organic gas (VOC) to the atmosphere either in their production process or when they are used for printing,. This is unmatched by solvent based inks.

Reduce residual poisons

Ensure food hygiene and safety. Water based ink completely solves the toxicity problem of solvent based ink. Due to the absence of organic solvents, the residual toxic substances on the surface of printed matter are greatly reduced. This characteristic shows good health and safety in packaging and printing products with strict sanitary conditions such as tobacco, wine, food, beverage, medicine and children's toys.

Reduce consumption and cost

Due to the inherent characteristics of water-based ink - high homomorphic content, it can be deposited on a thinner ink film. Therefore, compared with solvent based ink, its coating amount (the amount of ink consumed per unit printing area) is less. Compared with solvent based ink, the coating amount is reduced by about 10%. In other words, the consumption of water-based ink is about 10% less than that of solvent based ink. Moreover, because the printing plate needs to be cleaned frequently during printing, solvent based ink is used for printing. A large amount of organic solvent cleaning solution needs to be used, while water-based ink is used for printing. The cleaning medium is mainly water. From the perspective of resource consumption, water-based ink is more economical and in line with the theme of energy-saving society advocated in today's world. In the printing process, it will not change the color due to the change of viscosity, and it will not be like the waste products produced when diluent needs to be added during printing, which greatly improves the qualified rate of printing products, saves the cost of solvent and reduces the emergence of waste products, which is one of the cost advantages of water-based ink.

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