LQ-FS Ordinary Sheet-fed Fountain Solution

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LQ A fountain additive designed for Sheet-fed offset press.suitable for hard and soft water.

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1.Suitable for all imported and domestic flat offset press, any PS printing plate and CTP printing plate.

Regardless of the old and new, the real realization of free alcohol (zero alcohol) printing.

2.There is no need to special adjust the temperature of the printing equipment and water tank, which can be used on the machine, and the same use conditions as with alcohol printing, can completely achieve the condition of alcohol printing. Compared with alcohol printing.water- ink balance is easier to achieve, easy to operate,more realistic color.

3.ln the high temperature environment, printing plate water film thickness and continuity,smooth printing, no need to add alcohol.

4.Super cushioning system.Ensure PH is stable between 4.8 and 5.6, suitable for hard and soft water

5.The surface tension of the working liquid is 32-38dye/cm,Small amount of ink can realize printing dot clear, color realistic, large ink position can stabilize printing

6.Contains water-retaining element, after stopping the machine and starts again without dirty, reducing waste. Anti - corrosion, anti - calcium, non - toxic, non - foam, non -blocking pipe.

7.Start quickly and stable water-ink balance, effectively prevent "dry" and other problems.

Main function

In the printing process of high-speed operation, it is impossible to keep the non image part hydrophilic, oil repellent and adsorb the water film for a long time. In fact, the suction force of the non image part to water is very limited. If ordinary water is used to wet in the printing process, it is not easy to form a water film in the blank part without pictures and texts. In this way, we can only use the fountain solution to stabilize the hydrophilic and oil repellent characteristics of the non image part, in order to get a good printing effect.

Form water film

The formation of water film is the primary function of fountain solution. Fountain solution itself has low surface tension, so adding it to water can make clear water spread on the non image surface; On the other hand, the electrolyte of the fountain solution will react chemically with the metal of the printing plate to produce inorganic salts, which will make the water film firmly adhere to the blank parts of the printing plate to avoid the extension of ink to these parts, otherwise we will not be able to print normal pictures and texts.

Supplementary hydrophilic layer

During printing, the roller and ink roller rotate to rub the printing plate, causing the hydrophilic layer on the printing plate to be worn. At the same time, during the whole printing process, more or less paper powder and paper wool will fall off, further deepening the wear and damaging the hydrophilic layer. In this way, if there is no electrolyte of fountain solution, in the printing process, it will continue to play a chemical role with the metal layer of the printing plate to generate a new inorganic salt hydrophilic layer, we can not guarantee that the blank part will not be dirty and the printing can not be completed.

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