LQ UV Plus Printing Blanket for Offset Printing

Short Description:

LQ UV Plus Type Printing Blanket is developed for sheetfed offset press 12000-15000 sheets per hour. It is appropriate to package and metal UV printing.UV solidification and ultraviolet rays resistant. Convenient use, low thickness reduce for good print quality.

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Colour Orange
Thickness 1.68/1.95±0.03mm(4/3ply)
Rubber surface Buffed
Gauge <0.03mm
Hardness 78 Shore A
Elongation at 500N/50mm <1.0
Speed 12000-15000 sheets/hour



Blanket On Machine

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Blanket On Machine2
Blanket On Machine3
Blanket On Machine4

Warehouse And Package

Blanket On Machine5
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Precautions During Usage

1.Check the flatness of its surface. The way to check is to print the full version, but the printing pressure should be lower than the normal pressure. In this way, the non-uniformity of its surface can be exposed. If the pressure is too large and the field is thick, it is difficult to see the difference.

2.If the unevenness of the surface is unacceptable (the specific indicators can be judged by experience), check the surface uniformity of the blanket and liner and whether there are foreign matters on the surface of the drum. After removing the foreign matter, if the non-uniformity still exists, the method of drawing "map" can be adopted. First draw every low (or weak) place, and then stick a sticker on the back of the blanket (the thickness of the paper is selected according to the situation).

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