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Digital color laser printing medical film is a new type of digital medical image film. Double-sided white high-gloss digital medical image color laser printing film is a new type of high-resolution high-gloss effect general medical image film. Porcelain white BOPET polyester film treated by high temperature heat setting is used as the base material. The material has high mechanical strength, stable geometric dimensions, environmental protection and no pollution. It is produced by multi-layer coating. Both surfaces of the film are coated with a waterproof high-gloss color laser printing toner receiving coating composed of nano-scale water-soluble polymer materials, and the surface of the film has a porcelain-white high-gloss effect. The double-sided white high-gloss color laser printed medical image film has a firm surface coating, is waterproof and wear-resistant, and the color laser printed medical image has high saturation, bright colors and distinct layers, which is helpful for doctors to make a correct diagnosis.

Double-sided white high-gloss color laser-printed medical image film is mainly used for the printout of medical images such as B-ultrasound, color B-ultrasound, PET-CT and endoscope in medical diagnosis. Double-sided white high-gloss color laser-printed medical image film is suitable for hospital doctors to sign with pens and ballpoint pens. The doctor's signature can be stored for a long time. The advantages of color laser printing medical image film are fast printing speed, high image saturation, bright colors, and image data can be stored for a long time without fading. It is suitable for the output of a large number of medical images in hospital outpatient clinics.

Performance characteristics

*Unique white matt translucent appearance with hazy, soft and elegant effect.

* The material is stiff, the surface is white and smooth, and it is easy to carry out various post-processing.

*Waterproof and tear-resistant, suitable for various occasions with strict use requirements.

* High temperature resistance and no deformation, suitable for various laser printers, the pattern is firm and scratch-resistant, and does not drop powder.

*Environmentally friendly and non-toxic coating, does not produce any odor and harmful gas.

Scope of application

* Suitable for all kinds of mainstream laser printers, digital printing machines, etc.

Note: For laser printers, it is recommended to use original toner cartridges; if you use regenerated toner cartridges or filled toner, you must choose a product with better quality, otherwise it will affect the printing effect of film, because the requirements for toner when printing film are more than printing paper. be high.

Color B ultrasound:


Three-dimensional reconstruction:


Film parameters:

Highest resolution  ≥9600dpi
Base film thickness  ≥100 μm
Film thickness  ≥125 μm
Maximum transmission density  ≥ 2.8D
Maximum reflection density  ≥ 2.4D
Compatible with color laser printers

Recommended printer type:

A4 format OKI C711n HP 251/351/451/1205

Xerox 3375/4475 in A3+ format

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