LQ-HFS Hot Stamping Foil for paper or plastic stamping

Short Description:

It is made by adding a layer of metal foil on the film base through coating and vacuum evaporation. The thickness of anodized aluminum is generally (12, 16, 18, 20) μ m. 500 ~ 1500mm wide.Hot stamping foil is made by coating release layer, color layer, vacuum aluminum and then coating film on the film, and finally rewinding the finished product.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.Easy and clean stripping;

2.High brightness;

3.Good trimming performance, fine lines without flying gold;

4.The product has the characteristics of strong adhesion

Foil Structure

● Adhesive(Glue) Layer

● Aluminum Layer

● Hologram Layer

● Release Layer

● PET base film


1. Labels, including daily chemical products, drugs, food, health products, etc;

2. Cigarette bag Market;

3. Outer packaging of alcohol package.

PET base film:Support the coating attached to it and facilitate the continuous action during hot stamping processing. This shows that the base film layer cannot be deformed due to the rise of temperature in the hot stamping process. It should have the properties of high strength, tensile strength, high temperature resistance and so on.

Release layer:After hot stamping, whether before heating or pressurization, it will make the pigment, aluminum and adhesive layer quickly separate from the film and be transferred and bonded to the surface of the hot stamping object,

Hologram layer: Show the color and protect the aluminized pictures and texts printed on the surface of articles from oxidation.

Aluminum Layer:Reflect light, change the nature of the color layer color, and make it shiny

Glue layer:Bond the hot stamping material to the hot object.


1. Thickness 12um±0.2um Test Method: DIN53370
2. Surface Tension 29 --- 35Dyne/cm  
3. Tension Strength(MD) ≥220Mpa Test Method: DIN53455
4. Tension Strength(TD) ≥230Mpa Test Method: DIN53455
5. Elongation at Break(MD) ≤140% Test Method: DIN53455
6. Elongation at Break(TD) ≤140% Test Method: DIN53455
7. Release Force 2.5—5g  
8. Shrinkage at 150℃/30min(MD) ≤1.7% Test Method: BMSTT11
9、Shrinkage at 150℃/30min(TD) ≤0.5% Test Method: BMSTT11
10、Thickness of Aluminum 350±50X10(-10)M  

Foil Size

Thickness Width Length Core Diameter
12um 25cm 2000m 3inch

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