LQ-Gun bottom paper for preventing the relative movement of blanket

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The gun bottom paper is a special fiber and high-density cushion paper developed according to the ideal pressure required by the printing machine.It can effectively prevent the relative movement of the pad and the blanket, and reduce the possibility of the pad wrinkling under the pressure of the printing press.

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The main function of the gun bottom paper is to offset the various effects of the thickness deviation of the printing device and blanket on the printing pressure and ensure the good contact of the embossing surface. Therefore, it is the compensation link of various errors of the printing device. The gun bottom paper can absorb the vibration and impact generated in the embossing contact area of the printing device under the action of dynamic load, and can also change the compression deformation to adjust the printing pressure. The thickness of gun bottom paper directly affects the printing pressure. Therefore, the thickness of the gun bottom paper is related to the state of the printing press. Once it is determined, it cannot be changed at will.


Blanket roller liner, padded under blanket, can be stacked. The gun bottom paper can reduce the thickness between the printing plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder liner and maintain high accuracy. The gun bottom paper has high flatness, no deformation, oil and water resistance, ensures the best pressure of printing, helps to improve the quality of printing, greatly reduces the damage degree of the bottom blanket and prolongs the service life of the blanket. Widely used by printing presses.


1.It has a smooth surface, precise thickness, uniform thickness, good elasticity, and good dot reduction.

2. It has good abrasion resistance and deformation resistance, good printing effect, and prolongs the service life of the blanket.


Thickness:0.1mm/0.12mm/0.14mm/ 0.16mm/ 0.18mm/ 0.20mm/ 0.23mm/ 0.25mm/ 0.28mm/ 0.30mm/ 0.35mm/ 0.40mm/ 0.45mm/ 0.50mm

Paper size: according to your require.

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