LQ-CFS Cold Stamping Foil for inline stampling

Short Description:

Cold stamping is a printing concept relative to hot stamping. Cold perm film is a packaging product made by transferring hot stamping foil to printing material with UV adhesive. The hot stamping film does not use hot template or hot roller in the whole transfer process, which has the advantages of large hot stamping area, fast speed and high efficiency.

Product Detail

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1. No special hot stamping equipment is required;

2. There is no need to make metal hot stamping plate. Ordinary flexible plate can be used. The plate making speed is fast and the cycle is short, which can reduce the production cost of hot stamping plate;

3. Fast hot stamping speed, which can be synchronized with printing;

4. Without heating device, energy can be saved;

5. The application scope of hot stamping substrate is wide, and hot stamping can also be carried out on thermal materials, plastic films and in mold labels.

Foil Structure

● Adhesive(Glue) Layer

● Aluminum Layer

● Hologram Layer

● Release Layer

● PET base film


1. Labels, including daily chemical products, drugs, food, health products, etc;

2. Cigarette bag Market;

3. Outer packaging of alcohol package.


1. Thickness 12um±0.2um Test Method: DIN53370
2. Surface Tension 29 --- 35Dyne/cm  
3. Tension Strength(MD) ≥220Mpa Test Method: DIN53455
4. Tension Strength(TD) ≥230Mpa Test Method: DIN53455
5. Elongation at Break(MD) ≤140% Test Method: DIN53455
6. Elongation at Break(TD) ≤140% Test Method: DIN53455
7. Release Force 2.5—5g  
8. Shrinkage at 150℃/30min(MD) ≤1.7% Test Method: BMSTT11
9. Shrinkage at 150℃/30min(TD) ≤0.5% Test Method: BMSTT11
10. Thickness of Aluminum 350±50X10(-10)M  

Foil Size

Thickness Width Length Core Diameter
12um 25cm 2000m 3inch

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