LQ-STI Back sticky blanket for Business Form Printing

Short Description:

LQ Self-adhesive blankets is appropriate to business form printing. It is easy for cutting and stripping. Paper edge trace is few, easy to remove and replace, spot inking and dot reappearance performance is particularly good.

Product Detail

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Construction 2/1 ply
Thickness 1.05mm/0.95mm
Thickness tolerance +/- 0,02mm
Colour Blue
Compressible layer Microsphere
Surface Micro-ground and polished
Roughness 0.80-1.1μm
Hardness 76 - 81 shore A
Elongation 1.2%
Tensile strength ≥70



Blanket On Machine

Blanket On Machine

Precautions during usage


Warehouse and package

Warehouse and package
Warehouse and package

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